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Significant service. Significant results. These are the promises I make to all of my new clients, and it's a pledge I hope to make to you soon as well. You may wonder how these values were instilled in me and how I use them to my advantage as your RealtorŪ. If so, read on...

Traditional Values... I was born into a hard-working family in Blairmore, Alberta. My father played professional hockey in an era when professional athletes didn't wear lots of pads and didn't make lots of money. After he hung up his skates, he opened a small restaurant, where I helped my mother bake pies before dawn for the days customers. If the pies didn't get made, the cash register didn't ring... It was as simple as that. Sadly, my parents both passed away while I was still a child. My brother and I were adopted by my aunt and uncle who already had four children. Under their guidance I continued to learn the importance of honest effort by tending to the daily chores and working in the family store. They reinforced the traditional values I'd already been taught by my parents: hard work, honesty and self-sufficiency.

Early Achievement... I made it my goal to apply the values that I had learned to the challenges of daily life. After graduating from high school, I continued my education by attending Eastern Washington University. I spent summers working in local canneries to support my dream of a higher education, which further fueled my desire to succeed. Upon graduating, I went to work for Xerox, and followed up that job with a stint at General Foods. Both company's provided excellent training which I was able to successfully springboard into real estate.

Total Commitment... As a real estate professional, I take a great deal of pride in continuing my commitment to a job well done. From the moment we first meet, my dedication to you will be obvious. I take the time to understand all of my clients needs, and you'll witness my dedication when you see all of the innovative and creative ways that I will market your home. When I commit to a client, "almost" doesn't count... My satisfaction only comes when your desires become reality. I'm sure this sounds like a lot to live up to, but I assure you, for me there is no other way to do business. It's how I was raised, and it's what sets me apart in this competitive business.

Service without compromise. Results without equal. That's what I stand for. I look forward to meeting with you soon.

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