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Beautiful Communities by the Sea...

Blue Ridge and Northbeach are located to the north of Ballard and Magnolia, and feature amazing views of the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains. Both neighborhoods are upscale, and feature view homes ranging in value from $250,000 to well over a million dollars.

Curious Seagull There's no lack of wildlife in either of these communities... This curious seagull was captured on film as he bathed in the water of the Puget Sound on a beautiful fall day. You'll find a wide variety of architectural styles in both of these neighborhoods, with many homes having been built in the 30's, 40's & 50's. For a truly unique Seattle lifestyle, you can't do much better than Blue Ridge and Northbeach.

Blue Ridge
Quietly prestigious.  Blue Ridge, only 7 miles from 4th and Pike in downtown Seattle (a 20 minute drive), is a treasure house of homes, many of which have inspiring views.   Winding drives, wooded ravines, and a profusion of native shrubs and trees have created an amazing variety of settings.
Stretching almost a mile along the shores of Puget Sound, bounded on the north by 140 acre Carkeek park, Blue Ridge offers wonderful views of sea-going traffic lanes where ships to China and all ports of the world pass by in endless process and in ever-changing settings of shimmering blue waters or white capped waves.  Beyond, as a majestic backdrop to the grandeur of the waterways -- higher than seems possible -- towers the snow-covered Olympic Mountain range, behind which sinks the setting sun to create nature's grandest masterpieces of ever-changing sunsets.
Blue Ridge is comprised of 180 acres of gorgeous views and winding drives in places reaching altitudes of greater than 300 feet above the sandy beaches of Blue Ridge to which the 448 households always have permanent access.  Blue Ridge residents have the option of paying dues and becoming members of the private community center, which features a lifeguarded swimming pool, tennis courts, and a recently remodeled clubhouse. This tight knit community also employs extra police, to ensure that its residents are as safe as possible both at night and during the day. Both Blue Ridge and Northbeach have access to small, private, salt water beaches for soothing walks at night and fun times with your kids.
From the windows of many homes in Blue Ridge the entire panorama of  Sound, mountains and sunsets will be spread out before you in delightful vistas.  Congenial neighbors and beautiful homes with generous lawns and gardens create a feeling of roominess.   Experience Blue Ridge and you'll never want to move again.

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BRBeach.jpg (10056 bytes)
Private beach with picnic area and a gorgeous view.
Great for family gatherings.  On Blue Ridge Drive.

BRPool.jpg (14405 bytes)
Community Club House adjoins pool.
Lifeguards, swim team and lessons offered.

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Tennis courts by Club House on 15th NW.