Dog Emjoying the View!Broadview, Richmond Beach and Innis Arden
North of the City, suburban lifestyles...

Just slightly north of the city (and in the case of Broadview, just barely within city limits), are the communities of Broadview, Richmond Beach and Innis Arden. Home again to some of the most wonderful views in the Seattle area, these communities feature gorgeous view homes with dramatic views of the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains.

Although outside city limits, residents of any of these communities can still find themselves in downtown Seattle in less than an hour, while enjoying all the benefits of suburban existence. Residents of Richmond Beach and Innis Arden benefit by having one of the best public schools districts in the state (Shoreline School District). In general, you're able to get a little more house for a little less money in these neighborhoods, due to their proximity to Seattle.

Innis Arden With long stretches of beach nearby in all of these communities, and the beautiful Carkeek Park to explore in the Broadview area, these are some of the most desirable places to live in the greater Seattle area. These communities are also just minutes from Edmonds, a quaint little seaside town to the north of Richmond Beach with a wonderful shopping district and lots of fun restaurants.