Feng Shui

Feng Shui means the way of wind and water. It is an ancient Chinese Art, Science and Philosophy that brings prosperity, happiness, and abundance. "Chi" is the energy that pervades all life. Feng Shui properly positions you and your environment with "Chi", bringing you all the desires of your heart.

Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) is the ancient Chinese practice of arranging a physical environment to maximize balanced energy, or chi. Also known as the art of placement, feng shui says that if a living area, a building or a community has good chi, then its inhabitants will be equally healthy.

Feng Shui can be shown to be both a science and an art. The Science of Feng Shui is the detailed analysis of the four aspects using mathematical calculations. The Art of Feng Shui is the experience of how to best implement the remedies.  Feng Shui is based on four aspects: Building, Environment, People, and Time.  Just as the Earth is constantly moving and changing, so are the energies of Feng Shui. There are a lot of benefits to having a proper Feng Shui analysis performed. People have reported increases in wealth and love, and significant improvements in health.

Simple Feng Shui Fixes For Your Home

wpe4.jpg (8624 bytes)Bathrooms
Keep drains of the tub closed and toilet lid down.

Paint beams and ceilings a lighter color.
Put up lighting under beams to add light.
Hang a mobile from the beam.

wpe3.jpg (3396 bytes)Bedrooms
Use room only as a bedroom, not as anything else.
Bed should not be directly in front of the door.

Paint the room skin colors of all races.
Use serene, romantic art.
Put the TV behind cabinet doors or move it out of the room.
Don't place a mirror in front of the bed.
Remove all clutter from under the bed.

wpe2.jpg (4260 bytes)Candles
A variety of shapes, colors and natural scents enhance a mundane environment.

Low Ceilings
Use lighting.
Paint the ceiling a light color.
Use small scaled furniture.

High Ceilings
Use crown molding.
Hang all pictures at the same eye level.

wpe5.jpg (22744 bytes)Chairs
Should conform to the body and be comfortable, whether at work or at home.

Can get in the way.  Clean out drawers, cupboards, attics, garages and storage rooms.
Eliminate items not needed, are broken, or that don't fit.

Is a very important aspect of every home and workplace.
Color can be added in small splashes, such as flowers, candles and pillows.
Hint:  before painting a room, paint a 3 x 5 foot section and live with it for a while to make sure it feels good.

wpe6.jpg (20764 bytes)Doors
That open onto stairways - hang a crystal above the bottom step that faces the front door to keep the chi from being swept out.
Front door - paint it red or place red flowers or plants near it.  This enhances prosperity.

When building keep garages detached.
If building a room over the garage make the room a place for activity, such as a playroom or office.
Keep it free of clutter.

Treat a hall like a room.
Use walls as an art or photo gallery.
Mirrors can be used as well.
Have halls well lighted.

Food is the bridge between health and wealth.
Use all burners on the stove regularly.
Keep the stove very clean, as it is the center of food preparation.
If the stove faces a wall, place a reflective surface of some kind behind it - a mirror or a shiny tray.  I use a small gazing ball.
Keep knifes in drawers.
If using the kitchen door as a main entrance (the most common way people enter) screen the refrigerator from first sight.

Living Room
Arrange furniture with care.
Primary seating should be placed so you can see the door when sitting.  If this can't be done items of reflection can be used.

wpe8.jpg (10309 bytes)Mirrors
Are a real asset in most instances.  Chi is circulated and rooms are expanded.
Minimize use of mirrors in bedrooms and areas of relaxation as mirrors create activity. Don't place them facing your bed.

Home Offices
Don't sit directly in front of a door.  Have a wall behind you.
Use a desk with softened corners.
Use art and colors that inspire you.

wpe9.jpg (8150 bytes)Plants
They enhance chi.  A few to mention are Philodendron, Jade and Ivy.
Try to stay away from spiked plants such as Cactus.
Silk and dried plants are ok.  Keep them clean and vibrant looking.

Are best located away from the front door.
If a stairway is placed directly in front of a front door temper the flow of the chi so it doesn't pour out of the house by creating a barrier between the door and the stairs.  A small table of flowers or plants will work.
Be sure the area remains uncrowded.
Crystals and mirrors work well too.