This is not a new trend, but an ever growing one.   If you've ever been through a "Street of Dreams Home" you've seen that staging is a key element in the marketing of these homes. 

What is staging? 

    First it is the de-cluttering of a home.  Making it look as spacious as possible.

There are two methods of staging:
1.  Vacant Homes:  a design qualified person, with a large inventory of furniture, etc. brings these goods into a home.  The home is virtually set up like a showroom in a furniture store.
2.  Occupied Homes:  a designer comes into a home and uses the client's furnishings, etc.  Furniture arrangement and accessorizing are key elements.   The designer will often times work with the owner to establish a budget to fill in gaps, such as buying throw pillows or window treatments.

What does staging do?

    It serves two purposes:
1.  Staging enhances a home's feel - making it warm, welcoming and stylish.  The first person to be impacted is the agent working for a buyer.  Getting them excited about a property is paramount. 
2.  Buyers feel much more comfortable and can imagine themselves moving into a home that is clean and welcoming.
    The result:  Sales occur.



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